NextPakk was started by drivers for drivers.


NextPakk was started by drivers for drivers.


Unlike all the others started by millionaires and programmer that know little or nothing about the real world of driving for a living. NextPakk understands all the facets of app-based ride-share and logistics services and the problems drivers face, because we live it.

NextPakk empowering drivers

 The NextPakk platform was created to solve these problems, empower drives and provide an opportunity to build a business/career with a great income and a bright future 

NextPakk understands the problems drivers face


Costs are high, revenue out of their control

When working as self-employed contractors, rideshare drivers get squeezed. Costs are high, revenue out of their control, and the result can be a precarious living. No company does everything right. Lyft and Uber have done little to nothing for the drivers. In fact, both Lyft and Uber are working hard to develop autonomous vehicle to eliminate drivers altogether and are doing it with the money made off the backs of the drivers. 

Your actual earnings are less than advertised.

Lyft and Uber have seen enormous success by misleading drivers about potential earnings. Your actual earnings are less than advertised. Although an Uber study in early 2015 said its drivers in 20 cities averaged more than $19 an hour, a Buzzfeed survey found Uber drivers in Denver, Detroit and Houston earned less than $13.25 an hour after expenses in late 2015. In Detroit, they brought home just $8.77 an hour, on average. 

A whopping ~$65B

People trying to make a decent secondary income driving 15 hours a week and people trying to drive 50–80 hours a week in the middle (especially if drivers are not mindful of maintenance and costs) it's not so great. What's Uber's valuation? a whopping ~$65B, what does an average driver make a day? $65. hmmm...that looks like a lot more 0's on one side 😉 

why NextPakk

NextPakk is the catalyst for Local Ecosystems to thrive and self-support through micro-economies within 20 square miles or less. Local Retailers connected to Local Drivers connected to Local Consumers


To provide both a part time job that a driver can drive less and make more than other ride-share or delivery companies. 

MISSION 2. Create a career opportunity for drivers to be logistics agents that earn a life time residual income by developing the area that they live and work in; by setting up new retailer, recruiting other drivers and enlisting new consumers. 


We are on a mission to create a viable counterbalance that helps level the playing field on which the game of global commerce is played.

We seek to create a synergistic level of connectivity between the Consumer, Retailer and the Delivery Agent, whereby each participant plays an active role in creating an economically sustainable exchange of products and services between local merchants and their community-based consumers.

We believe that when this balance between localized supply and demand is achieved, it will result in an optimal exchange of value with the greatest degree of benefit to all participants with the least amount of negative impact (environmental, social, economic). Please call us at 508-688-2995 




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